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Fish gutting area built in Holhudhoo under BML community fund

A special area for gutting fish was established in Holhudhoo, Noonu Atoll, on Saturday, under the Bank of Maldives’ ‘Aharenge Bank’ Community Fund.

The cutting deck can support up to eight people and can be used all day, including the night time. Complete with water taps and lighting, the station also features a storage space as well.

BML noted that everyone is welcome to use the gutting area, for commercial or recreational activities.

“This is a very different proposal submitted to the community fund. We hope that the station established for this proposal to find a solution for fishermen and residences to gut and clean fish eases the process of cleaning and selling fish”, said BML Manager of Public Relations Mohamed Saeed.

“During the past years, Holhudhoo people have been using an old table near the harbour”, Moosa Shimaau of the organisation that won the proposal said, adding that the establishment of the gutting station is a momentous day for the people of the island.

During each quarter of the fiscal year, BML selects and allocates MVR 50,000 to five projects in the areas of education, environment, sports and community development under the Aharenge Bank Community Fund. In 2019, BML contributed MVR 1 million to support projects in 20 islands across the Maldives.

For 2020, BML selected 20 projects across three proposal phases submitted before the phase two deadline of September 9.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Google News

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