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First lady stirs controversy with distribution of flu medicine and vaccines

March 20 16:49 2017

First Lady Fathmath Ibrahim has stirred controversy with the distribution of medicine and influenza vaccine amid the ongoing flu outbreak.

The first lady’s campaign office began distributing masks, medicine and leaflets about influenza in Malé on Thursday and planned to send supplies to islands facing shortages.

MPs from the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives subsequently started posting photos of ministers and lawmakers assisting the first lady with packing boxes at the former presidential residence, prompting online paper VFP to report that the boxes of panadol came from the State Trading Organisation.

Angered by the VFP report, MP Ahmed Mubeen posted a bill showing that the first lady paid MVR61,788 (US$) for the medicine. But VFP noted that the payment date was three days after the distribution began.

“STO Health takes professionally under business principles, that involves purchase orders and delivery notes. Bill will be raised after that,” Mubeen tweeted in response to VFP‘s second story.

The controversy was meanwhile reignited Sunday morning when Dr Abdulla Afeef wrote on his Facebook page about the dangers of mishandling the influenza vaccine.

The post came after Mubeen said on Twitter that the influenza vaccine has also been brought in for distribution. He also posted photos of MPs Mohamed Ali and Abdulla Yameen taking out the vaccine from a cooler.

Full details are available from the link below:

Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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