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Files from Maumoon-PPM lawsuit taken to Supreme Court

Supreme Court has confiscated the documents submitted in the lawsuit to determine former Maldivian President and former Leader of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Maumoon Abdul Gayoom as the legitimate Leader of the party and ordered a halt to legal proceedings at the Civil Court over the lawsuit.

The lawsuit to Civil Court was filed by a general member of PPM.

Civil Court held a hearing in the lawsuit last Sunday, during which both sides presented their statements.

The plaintiff’s attorney reports the Supreme Court informed him the documents were seized following a complaint filed regarding the lawsuit.

The Civil Court previously ordered President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom be put in charge of PPM, following which Maumoon was expelled from the party resulting in the loss of his position as Leader of PPM.

A separate lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Maumoon with the Civil Court claiming his removal from PPM was irregular. It is unclear whether the Supreme Court also seized documents submitted in that lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Elections Commission recently announced its decision not to endorse the extraordinary congress held by PPM on September 28, during which the party elected Yameen as its Leader.

EC cited multiple irregularities with the extraordinary congress, including participation of non-party members.

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