Fenaka eliminated after a thrilling encounter

STO Recreation Club (STO) defeated Team FENAKA 5-3 after a thrilling and a highly anticipated encounter, as both sides fought for a position in the Round-of-16 of Club Maldives Cup 2019. The game result left FENAKA third in the group-standings, giving them no chance to progress further.

A win was necessary for FENAKA as they headed into this deciding class of the group stage. Nevertheless, STO succeeded in changing the scoreboard in the first place. Ismail Easa (Messi) scored from a wonderful team effort, midway through the first half.

Fenaka found the equalizer in the second half, with a slight flick from Hussain Nashid (Naatto) when he received a low cross from Yasfaad Habeeb (Mulakey). However, Mohamed Imran’s (Immi) magic killed their hope twice when they found the equalizer. He took the lead for STO few minutes after the Nashid’s goal and did the same, this time within a minute after Akram Abdul Ghanee found the equalizer for FENAKA for the second time in the match.

STO extended their lead from an error of their former goalkeeper Moosa Fathuhee (Hulk). A weak clearance from him, after running in front for the ball, left the goal open for Ali Shaihaan to score from the centre half. Ali Ifaz made it 5-2 to STO with a beautiful effort to the far side. The late goal from Abdulla Shafeeu Hashim of FENAKA was only a consolation.

In the other match of the so-called ‘Group of Death’, MPL thrashed MMA Social Club with 6-0. They advanced to the Round-of-16 as the runner-up of Group-C.

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