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Feel like you are actually stranded on an island — but in a good way!

Maldives from air

The Maldives is known for its glistening aquamarine waters and soft white sand but there is much more in this scenic archipelago to do, see and experience than simply lie on the beach. Consisting of 1192 coral islands combined in 26 atolls, there’s no better place on earth than the Maldives for an island hopping adventure. Five days in the Maldives can give you the best experience ever; you can experience a list of different things during your holiday.

Go island hopping

Natives inhabit some islands in the Maldives and many of them make a living through fishing. You might find certain islands to be modern however you still find typical fishing villages where everyone gathers in a holhuashi to unwind after a busy day in the sea. These are the islands that give you a chance to interact with the locals and learn about the distinct culture of the Maldives. In some islands you find plenty of talented craftsmen and artisans, you will get a chance to observe the skills of these gifted individuals. You can even try your hand at their craft. Traditional dance and music acts are also performed to welcome the visiting guests. During your island-hopping excursion, you will also come across a countless number of uninhabited islands; don’t miss a chance to explore them! That is your chance to dive or snorkel to your heart’s content in the crystal clear lagoons of the untouched islands. Learn about the rich flora and fauna adorning the island. Some of these islands are simply breathtaking and you will feel like you are actually stranded on an island — but in a good way!

Take a dive!

Finding the best dive spots in the Maldives can be challenging since there are no disappointing ones to be found! The life beneath the water’s surface around the island is truly spellbinding and over the years has gathered the respect of professional divers around the world. The Vaavu Atoll a popular choice for divers and liveaboard cruises in the Maldives. There are two main seasons in the island, the dry northeast Monsoon, and the wet Southwest Monsoon. Since the weather patterns make a big impact on the currents it affects the conditions of the dive sites in certain areas. Around the Vaavu Atoll, the grey reef sharks and hammerhead sharks can be spotted in the shallow ends. North Male Atoll is another spot consisting of several exciting dive areas; North Male is one of the oldest sites in the Maldives. The Banana Reef, Lankan Manta Point, Aquarium, Maldive Victory, Blue Point, Bodu Giri are some of the popular dive sites around the atoll. There is currently on the water here, which helps divers to spiral up and around

Enjoy the luxury!

The island’s economy is largely depended on tourism thus they have understood the global demand for top of the range luxury accommodation it forms of hotels, resort, bungalows, villas etc. You even get customized accommodation such as honeymoon resorts in Maldives and family resorts, which are more suited for the targeted audience. It’s best to reserve your accommodation before arriving in the Maldives. You can choose from a range of luxury resorts including the Adaaran Prestige Vadoo for your five-day stay.

Do some sightseeing

You can take a tour of the whole of the city of Male on foot. You do plenty to do, see and experience but it won’t take much time. You can visit the largest mosque in the island, the Grand Friday Mosque. The architecture of the place is splendid since the whole building is done up in white marble. Falling under the list of one of the biggest Islamic mosques in South Asia it’s a place you must visit. To get a glimpse into the daily lives of the local fishermen visit the Male fish market. It’s clean and less chaotic than the ones you find in other parts of the region.

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