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Fear and frothing in Faafu

[Image: A world about to be shattered by external forces : a quiet street in Faafu Atoll.]

The booming voice of the short man was starting to draw a crowd. Abdul Wahid was calling me an opposition “puppet” and belligerently threatening me after launching into an expletive-laden tirade. Standing beside him in the dark and narrow alley was a former policeman who was sacked over brutality in February 2012.

“Why the hell are you here? Why don’t you write about the other projects of the government? I’ll destroy your camera. I’ll throw kalhu theyo [used engine oil, very commonly used for this purpose] at you,” he screamed at me.

To say that I was scared would be an understatement. I feared for my life. I expected blows to land on my face any second as Wahid literally blew smoke in my face.

Full details are available from the link below:

Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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