Family of murder suspect, Police at odds over ‘false’ statements

Suspect of Yameen Rasheed's murder Ismail Rasheed

The family of a murder suspect behind blogger Yameen Rasheed’s death and Police have accused each other of giving false statements regarding the investigation into the ongoing case.

Suspect Thaif Ismail Rasheed’s family released a statement Monday accusing Maldives Police Service of proposing to them several offers in return for a false testimony as per the wishes of Police. These include changing Thaif Ismail Rasheed’s lawyer as well as releasing him without any charges.

Refusing to give a false testimony, the statement noted that Police offered to release him if he agrees to become a witness for the prosecution.

Denying the accusations of the whole statement, spokesperson of Maldives Police Service Ahmed Shifan urged the public not to obstruct the ongoing investigation.

The statement released by Thaif Ismail Rasheed’s family also claimed that, during the investigation process, Police treated him in cruel and unjust ways, such as keeping him under custody for three days in Police Headquarters which is prohibited and also keeping him in front of a plain wall for two days.

The statement added that he was also kept in a cell in Kaafu Atoll Kaashidoo island and that he was given water which made him feel dizzy. In addition, the family said that he was deprived of proper sleep as Police woke him up repeatedly in the middle of nights for interrogation.

Furthermore, the family also criticised the police saying that Ismail was only arrested 15 days after the incident which reduces the chances of him being more dangerous.

Police have denied all allegations made in the family’s statement.

“We refute the statement as a whole. The necessary legal action will be taken against those who obstruct the investigation,” warned spokesperson Shifan.

In a statement Police released on Sunday night, they disclosed the names of three men who are accused of actively taking part in Yameen Rasheed’s murder. They are Thaif Ismail Rasheed, 25, Ismail Haisham Rasheed, 21, and Ahmed Zihan Ismail, 22, all of whom are from capital Male.

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