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Expat workers threatened with deportation

Expatriate workers and foreigners visiting the Maldives have been threatened with deportation if they are found to be involved in political activities.

Maldives Immigration urged them to refrain from taking part in political rallies and activities, saying visas would be cancelled.

“We warn that will not hesitate to cancel visa and repatriate those who take part in political activities,” read a statement issued Friday.

It said taking part in political activities would violate the conditions in which the visa was issued. It also told employers to respect rules and regulations.

“Maldives Immigration will hold the employers who compel the expatriates to participate in political activities accountable and will be subject to appropriate penalty,” it warned.

The joint opposition says expat workers have set up chairs, banners and flags at ruling party campaign events.

A spokesman for the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party said authorities had taken no action despite complaints.

“We know that expat workers in places like the housing ministry are involved in these political events of the Progressive Party of the Maldives,” MP Imthiyaz Fahmy told the Maldives Independent.

“We have submitted complaints with evidence so many times but nothing is done. No investigation takes place,” he added.

But the PPM’s Ahmed Nihan denied the allegations.

“I am not aware that expat workers are involved in our events. They might be involved in transporting goods. This is tasked to a logistics company and they could be doing the work for them,” he said.

“But they are not involved in any political events of the PPM,” the lawmaker insisted.

Dozens of foreigners are expected to be in the Maldives to observe or monitor a presidential election due to be held on September 23.

Immigration has also threatened journalists who are found working on a tourist visa during the poll.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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What do you see wrong in it? Name any one country that allows expats to interfere in local politics? Do you see any Chinese posting comments on Maldivian politics? It is india’s Criminals interfering in Maldives.


Mumbaikar you dimwitted moron, the Chinese don’t post comments on Maldivian politics because the Communist Party of China is a single party dictatorship with no concept of democracy or freedom. The Party make the rules and the people follow like sheep. Any transgression and you get incarcerated or shot. Do not compare India with China in the field of politics. India is generations ahead. That explains why our economy is booming today. Now that your ‘Friendship Bridge’ is open, have the Chinese started screwing you for the loan repayment yet? Are there any more Debt Trap Developments planned for the… Read more »


Mumbaikar so you’re back! I thought you had fallen off your trawler and been eaten up by a shark. We can only hope! Your venom against India and hindus is motivated by jealousy. India now has the fastest growing economy in the world and is too big and too powerful to ignore. India will soon dominate the region unchallenged by the many failed states and tinpot dictatorships that surround us. Better get used to the idea as you have no choice. As for becoming a Hindu Rashtra, why not ? If Maldives can call itself a ‘100% Muslim’ nation why… Read more »