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Expat workers protest after months of no pay


The expatriate workers of Thailand’s Island Experts Company have gone on strike over not being paid their salaries.

One of the workers who are currently working in the construction of the housing flats for Police and MNDF in Hulhumale stated that they began protesting after three months of not being paid. He added that the work was progressing well and so they could not understand why their salaries were being held.

While the MNDF flats are almost entirely completed, the police flats are also close to completion.

Mihaaru has come to know that Island Experts Company has over 1,000 expatriate employees.

Police had attempted to stop the protesters who had refused to carry on with work.

So far there has not been any official word from Island Experts Company on this matter.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Mihaaru-News

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