Ex-VP Jameel, former ministers flock to Jumhoory Party

jp new member signing

Former VP Mohamed Jameel (L) along with Mohamed Maleeh and Abdulla Ameen pictured with JP leader Qasim Ibrahim (C) after joining the opposition party in Germany.

Former Vice President Mohamed Jameel, former sports minister Mohamed Maleeh Jamal and former minister of the President’s Office, Abdulla Ameen, who were prominently known for supporting President Abdulla Yameen in the last elections, have all joined opposition Jumhoory Party.

Popularly known as “Dr Jameel’s Team”, the trio had visited several islands during the presidential election campaign in 2013 to garner support for Yameen. However, shortly after the new government came into power, Jameel had expressed discontent with certain state affairs that soon left him shunned.

Over the following years, Jameel was impeached after the parliament passed a motion of no confidence against him, Ameen had resigned from the President’s Office while Maleeh was dismissed by the president.

Jameel claimed that he was impeached in violation of the Constitution. He had exiled himself to the United Kingdom after leaving the Maldives to seek medical attention in Sri Lanka. According to his aides, Jameel would have been arrested had he returned home at the time.

Jameel, Maleeh and Ameen signed into Jumhoory Party in Frankfurt, Germany on February 2.

In addition, the renowned Dr Shah Mahir, who is currently working in the UK, and former state minister of the defence ministry, Mohamed Ahmed Manik, also joined the opposition party in Germany.

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