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Ex VP Adeeb’s residence searched by police

Former Vice President Adeeb’s residence was searched by Police late last night to attain evidence regarding his attempted escape.

Adeeb was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday on a tugboat while trying to enter India through the port of Tuticorin by Indian authorities and is currently in the custody of Maldivian police.

He was barred from leaving the country due to his ongoing trial in the MMPRC corruption scandal and the Supreme Court of Maldives had ordered for his passport to be held.

Adeeb’s residence on the 9th floor of G. Humashi was searched for nearly two hours by police forensics teams under a court order lasting for seven hours, however, it could not be confirmed if anything was taken from the apartment for the investigation.

The apartment was searched in the presence of Adeeb’s wife Mariyam Nashwa who had just returned from Singapore. Adeeb’s lawyer and a close friend of his were also present during the search by the investigative officers and forensics teams.

Police have stated that they will investigate the matter of Adeeb’s escape and whether he had any help from others in the matter. Prosecutor General Bisham has said that when Adeeb tried to escape, there was a court order requested for Adeeb’s detention until the case in the Supreme Court came to an end.

The case in court is concerning Lh. Maabinhuraa which was supposed to be developed as a resort. Adeeb has been appealing for the eight-year sentence he received for his part in the corruption of a deal amounting one million dollars between Kureddhoo Holdings PVT LTD and MMPRC.

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