Ex-pres declares opposition to be ‘true patriots’

Former President Maumoon

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom speaking at an opposition coalition rally held at ‘Kunooz’. PHOTO/MIHAARU

Former president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom on Monday claimed that all the opposition leaders in the Maldives are “true patriots”, and indicated that there is a political “war” brewing in the country.

Speaking at the opposition coalition rally held at Jumhoory Party (JP)’s main party hub ‘Kunooz’, the former president of 30 years said that he is confident that the opposition will emerge victorious in the “war”.

However, Maumoon was quick to say that the opposition coalition’s work is for the betterment of the nation and its intentions are not to personally attack any one party or individual.

He said that the opposition is currently doing crucial work to bring stability back to the nation and to ensure that the citizens are granted all the fundamental rights conferred to them in the Constitution.

“We are facing a lot of setbacks in our attempt to restore stability in the country. The situation in the country has worsened beyond comprehension now,” Maumoon said.

Regarding the protest that took place near the parliament on July 24 and the criminal cases filed against 12 parliamentarians at the Prosecutor General’s Office, he said that it is absurd not to let MPs into the parliament house as it is essentially their “home.”

“Let’s say I was out of the country for some time and came back – and then some people try to arrest me or take me away from my own home. I will be entitled to ask them ‘why’, won’t I? It would be like them telling me that I am being arrested at the command of a servant at my house – isn’t that what’s essentially happening in the parliament now?”

Maumoon explained his analogy further by saying that the people who work at the parliament’s administration are there to assist the elected MPs; therefore, he said that the “servants” have no authority or jurisdiction to dictate how to treat the “owner of the house.”

Maumoon, who had founded the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) from which he has been ousted, said that the parliamentarians are conferred with a big responsibility and that scrutinizing them hinders the development of the nation.

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