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EU calls to release political prisoners after state of emergency expired

EU delgates

The European Union (EU) has called on the Maldivian government to release all those arrested under the expired state of emergency and any others who were detained for political reasons on Friday.

This is the first statement by the EU since the 45-day state of emergency expired. In addition to calling on the government release all political prisoners, the statement also called to stop influencing the Parliament and judicial system.

EU stated that the first priority after the end of the state of emergency should be to restore all the constitutional rights of the people. It added that people should be granted the freedom of expression, fair trial and all the human rights.

Though some of the people arrested under the state of emergency are still in custody, many leading politicians and members of the judiciary have been charged with terrorism and other serious allegations and are still under arrest. Right before the state of emergency expired, their remands were extended until the end of the trial.

EU on March 15, passed a resolution to take action against the state leaders and business persons who have been aiding the actions that violate human rights. They had also issued warnings of possible action against the Maldives if the state of emergency is not ended and political prisoners detained unlawfully are not released.

On February 1, the Supreme Court (SC) of Maldives passed to release nine political prisoners and reinstate 12 parliamentarians with immediate effect. However, the state did not comply with this and the opposition have been protesting since. President Abdulla Yameen declared the state of emergency on February 5 and the SC later dismissed their original ruling.

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