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Esquire Approves: The Joali Maldives

Designed as a sophisticated and art-focused retreat, the mid-September launch of the upcoming Joali boutique hotel in the Maldives will add a creative new option to luxury holidaymakers.

While the resort will offer 73 top-quality beach and water villas, each with a private pool making them the epitome of sustainable luxury, the standout aspect will be its focus on interactive artworks.

Upon arrival guests will be presented with an ‘Art Map’ of the property to use as their ‘passport’ for the island. The map highlights all the art installations that dotted around the island.

With exquisite architecture and interiors by both Autoban and Tokyo-based Studio Glitt, a stay at Joali will have the feel of a being in a living art installation, one that displays works of celebrated young designers including Misha Khan.

According to the hotel, the resort’s founders took their inspiration from the ‘Joie de vivre’ philosophy, which is based on the desire to live your life enjoying every moment. And why not? Being in the heart of the Maldives, and surrounding yourself in playful works of art, there are very few places on earth that will equal Joali as a means to feed your soul.

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