Escape to Maldives, a paradise on earth

Just Back From… The Maldives.

Trip Duration: 4 days and 5 nights.

Flight Plan: We flew on Singapore Airlines, but our flight was delayed due to a group of passengers held up from a transfer flight. This turned our original flight into a red-eye, and we landed at Male International Airport slightly past 11pm. I have to be honest here: I had a mini freakout because I assumed were getting to our first resort by seaplane, which only operates in the day time. Thank God for speedboats!

Where I Stayed: We stayed at two COMO Hotels this time: COMO Cocoa Island and COMO Maalifushi. Both were absolutely stunning beachside resorts that blew me away with their elegance. The vibe there was just so calm and serene, I felt instantly relaxed and at ease. COMO Cocoa Island was a much smaller, more exclusive outfit than COMO Maalifushi, which was grand with its sweeping views and unparalleled waters.

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