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Equatorial Convention Centre of Addu City to be Converted into a 100-Bed Hospital

On 22nd February 2016, the Government of Maldives announced that the Equatorial Convention Centre in Hithadoo, Addu City will be converted into a 100-bed tertiary hospital. The management and handling of this project were handed over to the Ministry of Health where they have built a special unit for this task.

According to the Minister of Housing, Dr Mohamed Muizzu, an additional building will be constructed for hospital usage along with the hospital building. He also added that the accessibility to recreational activities will be provided as well.

Speaking at a news conference, Minister of Health, Abdullah Nazim revealed that the works on the Addu hospital are progressing at a fast pace by the contractor of this project. The development of this project was tendered to Alia Constructions by the Ministry of Housing. However, the details on the progress of this project have not yet been revealed to the public and the construction works are not yet visible.

A budget of $20 Million is estimated for the completion of this project. The government revealed that funds for this project are arranged from the Saudi Fund and OPEC Fund. $12 Million was raised from these funds and the remaining fund will be raised from Kuwait Fund as a loan of 2% interest charge.

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