Electoral watchdog extends re-registration deadline of local elections

[Image: Members of the Elections Commission. PHOTO/EC.]

The Maldives electoral watchdog has extended the re-registration deadline for the Local Council Elections from the previous date of March 2 to March 9.

With the new date set for the election, re-registration is only open for people whose voting venues have been changed.

Residents can re-register at council offices of the atolls, the Maldives Embassy in Sri Lanka and Trivandrum in India and other Maldives’ embassies abroad.

The Civil Court delayed the Local Council Elections after ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) filed a case seeking to postpone the elections, saying that it was unable to prepare for the elections in time due to internal political conflicts. The lower court had ruled in favour of PPM, stating that it is a situation of necessity. Since then, the elections have been delayed twice.

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