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EC Shareef and Akram summoned by the Police

President of the Elections Commission (EC), Ahmed Shareef and Member of the EC, Ahmed Akram, has been summoned by the Maldives Police Service.

It is unclear at this time as to why they were summoned to the police station.

Sun Media has learned that they are both at the station at this time.

While two figures in prominent positions of the Elections Commission have been summoned to the police station, PPM had filed a case against them with the police stating that they were involved in election tampering.

The Vice President of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, said that destroying the ballots while an accusation has been made further supports the allegation being made against them.

At a press conference held today, the Elections Commission announced that they have destroyed the ballots.

The President of the Commission said that the date to destroy the ballots have gone by and the ballots remained for this long was because an election-related case was ongoing at the Supreme Court.

So far there has been no word from the police regarding the summon of the EC President, Shareef, and member, Akram.


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