EC requests funding for parties aside from MDP

Elections Commission (EC) has made a request at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury to release funds for all the political parties aside from MDP.

The Commission said that they made the request to release funds to the parties who have submitted the audit and annual reports which are PPM, MDA and JP. EC said that MDP, so far, has not submitted their audit report and the annual report.

EC said that if MDP files the reports before 8 May 2018, they would request the Finance Ministry to release the funds to MDP.

Based on the number of members, the highest amount of money goes to PPM which is MVR 11,538,660.13. The party with the second highest number of people is MDP which would get MVR 7,486,732.56. JP is set to get MVR2,572,392.58 and MDA would get MVR 2,650,885.58.

Funding for political parties is given at a rate f 251.58 per member in the party.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Sun.mv

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