EC rejects two new political party entrees

Elections Commissioner Ahmed Shareef

Elections Commissioner Ahmed Shareef at a press conference / MIHAARU PHOTO

Maldivian Elections Commission (EC) has rejected the request of both the new political entry requests on Sunday.

In a statement issued by the EC, it had said that “The Great Green Connection” and “Maldives Republic Party (MRP)” were rejected by EC as per the Political Parties Act.

The “Great Green Connection” was declined as their membership requirement did not meet the criteria. Any person who is already in a political party cannot register for a new party, according to the act. In addition, the criminal record for potential party members was not submitted to EC.

The second applicant, “MRP” was rejected as their party name resembled existing party Jumhoory Party. The English translation of Jumhoory party is Republican Party, hence could create confusion among people regarding the identities of these two parties.

Currently, there are six registered political parties in the Maldives. The two new political party requests came just a few months prior to the Presidential Elections.

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