EC denies rumors regarding Shareef

Elections Commission (EC) has denied the rumours being circulated regarding the President of the Elections Commission, Ahmed Shareef.

In a statement issued by the Commission regarding an article on the EC President, the Commission said that influences of political parties have not entered the responsibilities of the Commission and has not treated any state institute in a way that compromises the integrity of the Elections Commission. The statement said that all of its members remain true to their oath in fulfilling their responsibilities.

The Commission said that the decision to place ballot boxes at resorts with a certain number of registered voters was made after taking the funding and experience from the past elections into considerations. And the former amount was changed with the confirmation from the respective resort management to ensure the voting right to as many people as possible.

Elections Commission said that the re-registration process was no different than any other election and state institutes and civil service offices have assisted in the process in the past as well. The statement said that the President of the Commission has never made any comments regarding the alleged leak.

Regarding the visit from South Africa’s Laxton Group, the Commission said that it was not a secret visit and all political parties were notified regarding the visit. And the Commission is not responsible for three political parties failing to attend the information sessions.

EC said that they have met and requested assistance from all relevant authorities to provide equal opportunity for all political parties and candidates. The Commission said that a system has been established to file complaints and there have been no complaints filed as described in the article on the EC President.

Maldives Elections Commission said that the President of the Commission that makes decisions on his own The statement said that the Commission decisions are made by the vote of the members and not from external pressure and influences.

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