EC denies claim its moving to dissolve PPM

Elections Commission (EC) has denied the allegation its members are discussing dissolving the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

The denial follows a tweet by Deputy Minister at Ministry of Home Affairs and PPM councillor, Ahmed Siddeeq on October 17 that he has been informed by a reliable source that elections commissioners were discussing dissolving PPM.

He urged PPM members to voice out against the alleged move in his tweet.

Speaking in an interview to SanguTV last Saturday night, elections commissioner and spokesperson at EC, Ahmed Akram said the commission has never discussed dissolving PPM.

“The allegation was spread to create fear and divide within the community. To spread rumours through undue influence of office,” said Akram.

He said the commission hasn’t discussed dissolving PPM. And that no complaint requesting the party be dissolved has been submitted to the commission either.

“However, complaints on unlawful actions by political parties have been submitted to this commission. We are open to complaints. And we will take necessary action against unlawful acts,” said Akram.

He said that political parties will be dissolved according to law and proper procedure, and provided assurance the commission will not resolve to any unlawful action.

He commented that fabrications were highly likely to achieve an objective. And urged people to verify facts from the EC before promoting rumours.

“Just call to verify facts instead of spreading information you believe to be true, or before just fabricating facts. The commission members are ready to provide the information even if via phone call, letter or personal meetings,” said Akram.


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