EC: Ballot boxes won’t be placed at 13 places

Elections Commission has decided not to place ballot boxes at 13 locations initially selected for voting at the Presidential Election on 23 September.

Member and Spokesperson of the Elections Commission, Ahmed Akram told Sun Media that decision was made because the number of people who registered to vote at those place does not meet the required number.

The ballot boxes to be removed are from nine resorts, one industrial zone, one airport and two locations abroad.

Locations removed and the number of registrations: 

  • Kanifushi Resort – 6 people
  • Adaaran Hudhuranfushi – 2 people
  • Amilla Fushi – 1 person
  • Halaveli – 1 person
  • Amari Havodda – 1 person
  • Vakkaru Maldives – 3 people
  • Cocoon Maldives – 2 people
  • Kanuhura Maldives – 4 people
  • Robinson Club Maldives – 2 people
  • Felivaru – 3 people
  • Kaddoo Airport – 13 people
  • Singapore – 112 people
  • New Delhi, India – 45 people

Akram said that the total registrations for these locations are 195 and the re-registrations for the unverified forms will be opened from 27-29 August.

With nine resorts removed from the list of ballot box locations, the Presidential Election 2018 would see ballot boxes at 35 resorts. In the 2013 election, 56 resorts were originally announced as voting resorts but ballot boxes were placed at 42 resorts after re-registrations.

Although ballot boxes won’t be placed at Singapore and New Delhi, India, ballot boxes will be placed at Trivandrum, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and London, England.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Sun.mv

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