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Due legal process followed in conducting raids: AG

Attorney General Mohamed Anil speaks at the launching ceremony of the campaign to familiarise people with the Criminal Procedure Code. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/MIHAARU

Attorney General Mohamed Anil stated Wednesday that raids conducted under court orders are carried out after completing all legal requirements, warning that obstructing such searches will result in legal action.

Speaking at a ceremony held to launch the awareness campaign on familiarizing with the Criminal Procedure Code, Anil, proclaimed that some individuals are obstructing the work of law enforcement authorities for political gain. He also noted that legal action would be taken against individuals spreading false rumours with the purpose of creating fear and tension in the general public.

“When a crime is committed, a punishment is given; punishments are imposed only after a due legal process is followed. If anyone has a complaint about such actions they are entitled to submit the complaints to relevant institutions.”

He also noted that the law always provides protection for individuals as long as no crime has been committed.

While the Attorney General defended the institutions, the police and Maldives Customs Service had come under heavy criticism over the recent raids they carried out in resorts operated by Jumhoory Party leader Qasim Ibrahim’s Villa Group. Moreover, lawyers representing the detained Dhiggaru MP Faris Maumoon had alleged that the warrant issued to arrest him and search his residence was unlawful.

Anil proclaimed that misinterpreting the laws to manipulate their context will not benefit anyone and that laws such as the Criminal Procedure Code are brought into existence for the benefit of the whole society in general. He claimed that some individuals who understand the contexts of the law are intentionally manipulating them for political reasons. He also warned not to commit such actions even if they are defence lawyers, politicians or a regular citizen.

The Attorney General’s Office launched the campaign to create public awareness of the Criminal Procedure Code on Wednesday. The campaign focuses on acquainting the public with the Criminal Procedure Code that came into effect July last year and is a collaborative effort by the Attorney General’s Office and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The Criminal Procedure Code, which brought a huge change to the Criminal Justice System, was compiled after numerous efforts. It specifies in detail the procedures to be followed in investigations, detentions, interrogations, arrests, pressing charges and conducting trials.

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