DSC conquered Customs in the last minute

It was perhaps a punishment by Dhivehi Sifainge Club (DSC), as Customs Recreation Club (Customs RC) missed a golden chance, seconds before DSC broke the deadlock.

DSC scored twice in the extra time to seal the win by 2-0. Mumthaz Abdul Rasheed at the far post was provided with a crucial cross, only to tap the ball into the open goal. However, the goalkeeper of DSC was quick to grab the ball and convert it into an attack.

DSC’s opener looked like a replay of Customs chance, as the move of DSC was similar of what has happened seconds earlier. Hassan Fawwaz at the far post tapped the low cross into the goal from the left flank. Nadheef Ibrahim then extended the lead within the same minute, after an error from the goalkeeper of Customs.

In Group-G action, King proved his righteousness on the throne after the involvement in all eight goals of United BML against Civil Court.

BML defeated Civil Court easily by 8-0 to top the Group G. BML had a calm game and everyone looked comfortable with the ball. Besides a brace from the Futsal King Ali Haafiz (Haappe), he assisted for the remaining six goals of BML. Ibrahim Sinah (Sina) scored a hat-trick, Ishan Ibrahim (Sattu) scored twice and Mohamed Nasid Ahmed Naseem scored for BML.

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