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Drug Operation conducted by DUI on 25th April 2017

The following is a loose translation of the transcript of the video:

I am Deputy Head of Drug Enforcement Department (DED), Inspector of Police – Aminath Suzee, here today on behalf of DED to share information on the operation conducted on 25 April 2017.

On Tuesday, 25 April 2017 around 13:00, this operation planned and conducted in association with the Drug Intelligence Unit (DUI) and Drug Unit (DU), was based on information shared by DUI with us (DED).

Pertaining to this, with Criminal Court’s warrant issue, 2 houses were searched.

From the first place searched, items seized were:

  • Drug wrapping items
  • 2 digital weighing machine
  • 17 drug smeared (residue found) empty film canisters
  • 2 bottles smeared with drugs
  • 1 knife smeared with drugs
  • syringe found with drugs
  • Empty bundle of juice-petty bag (small plastic bags)

From the second place searched, DUI seized:

  • 1 kg of substance to be of Cannabis drugs
  • 98 gram of substance suspecting to be drugs

I would also like to share that in this successful operation conducted, the seized items has a street value of MVR 1.6 million.

From the operations, 2 persons have been brought in for police questioning, a 25-year old male, and a 29-year old female.

These 2 people have been brought to court and are remanded in custody of 10-days. They face charges of possession, abuse, and trafficking of drugs.

In this fight against drugs, we greatly appreciate the cooperation we get from the community. Also, in this opportunity, I would like to thank the public on behalf of Maldives Police Service and Drug Enforcement Department.

Finally, we request the public to come forward with any information of anyone using, abusing, possessing and trafficking drugs.

Thank you.


Source URL: Maldives Police

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