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Doubts arise over cause of death after boy found “hanging”

Aerial view of N. Maalhendhoo

Aerial view of N. Maalhendhoo

A boy of 11 years was found dead after he allegedly “hanged” himself in the island of Maalhendhoo in Noonu atoll on Tuesday. Police are currently arranging to transport his body to capital Male to further investigate the nature of his death.

A sixth grader at the island school, the boy was found in his home. His mother is said to be the only one who saw him “hanging”.

Mihaaru understands that Police decided to bring his body to Male on Wednesday to conduct further tests due to suspicions regarding whether he had hanged himself or not. According to sources, the tests are scheduled to be conducted at state Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

There has not been any arrests made in the case yet.

According to a neighbour, there were marks on the body which could indicate that something had been tied around the boy’s throat. The neighbour said that the boy was pronounced dead on arrival at the island’s heath centre.

He added that he was not aware of any problems within or outside of the boy’s family and thus cannot fathom any reason behind his death.

The Ministry of Gender and Family confirmed in a statement Tuesday that it has received report of a child suicide. However, the statement noted that not a single case or issue of the child in question had been filed at the ministry or the family and children support centre operated in Noonu atoll by the ministry previously.

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