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Divers Association files lawsuit over new taxi rates

Drivers Association has filed a lawsuit against the State over the new taxi rates and regulations announced by the Transport Ministry last week.

President of Drivers Association, Abdulla Ibrahim confirmed to Sun the association filed its lawsuit with the Civil Court this Tuesday.

According to Abdulla, the association has asked for an interim order to push back the enforcement of the new rates.

Taxi fares within Male’ City and Hulhumale’ remain fixed at MVR 25, but the taxi fares between Male’ City and Hulhmale’ has been fixed at MVR 75, and fares between Male’ City and Hulhule’ as well as Hulhumale’ and Hulhule’ has been fixed at MVR 60.

The unofficial fare for trips between Male’ City, Hulhumale’ and Hulhule’ at present is MVR 100.

The new fares are scheduled to come into effect on Wednesday, August 7.

Another key concern of taxi centres is the abolishment of the MVR 5 extra charge for luggage and the abolishment of MVR 30-fare late-night taxi services.

Representatives from the Drivers Association and taxi centres operating in the Male’ City area met with senior officials of Transport Ministry to voice their concerns on Monday.

Abdulla reports that the Transport Ministry officials provide assurance the State will address the concern over lack of extra charge for luggage.

“They say the fares were fixed from higher up. That it was a decision of the Cabinet. We have also sent a request to the President to rethink the fares,” said Abdulla, expressing concern the new fares will result in a decrease in income earned by taxi drivers.

The new regulations also make it mandatory for taxis which operate in the Male’ City area to start using any one of three preapproved mobile applications within two months.

Taxi drivers have voiced concern the mandatory mobile app regulation will allow unregistered vehicles to provide taxi services, and reduce demand for registered taxis.

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