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Discovery of a mosque and headstones amongst the remains of a legendary 12th century Muslim city in Ethiopia sheds light on Islam’s origins in Africa

  • Local legend had it that an ancient city built by giants was in Eastern Ethiopia
  • Now, archaeologists have discovered a 500m by 1,000m settlement
  • Findings include a mosque, jewellery and pottery from around the world
  • The site suggests that Eastern Ethiopia was well connected with the Gulf, Egypt and India hundreds of years ago 

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient city that existed in the 12th century near Harlaa, Eastern Ethiopia.

Among the findings is a Mosque, evidence of Islamic burials and headstones and jewellery from India, the team also found glass vessel fragments, rock crystal, carnelian, and glass beads, imported cowry shells, and pottery from Madagascar, the Maldives, Yemen and China.

The researchers believe the findings could shed light on Islam’s origins in Africa, as their study is one of the first to find evidence of ancient Islamic sites in the region.

For years, local legend has had it that an ancient city built by giants existed near Harlaa, in Eastern Ethiopia. Now, a new dig has revealed that such a city really did exist in the 12th century

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