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Dhiraagu Special Sports Festival scheduled for Oct. 29

The local telecom company, Dhiraagu has announced its annual sports festival for children with disabilities, the Dhiraagu Special Sports Festival will be held on October 29th this year.

Dhiraagu says the festival will be held at the Henveyru Stadium from 4 pm to 6 pm next Monday.

Speaking during a press conference this Monday, Marketing Communications Manager of Dhiraagu, Bishara Hameedh said the festival this year is being held in association with four NGOs and 11 schools.

“The main purpose of the festival is to create an environment where children with different disabilities can mingle and have fun. To increase the confidence of these children,” said Bishara.

Press conference by Dhiraagu on October 22, 2018, regarding the Dhiraagu Special Sports Festival 2018. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

She said that all children with disabilities are welcome to join the festival and that medals will be awarded to children who win the different games and races.

Events at the Dhiraagu Special Sports Festival includes baton relay and athletics.

Dhiraagu has been holding the special annual sports festival since 2011. The company reports 390 children will participate in this year’s festival.

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