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Dhidhdhoo councilor Hashim remanded to 5 days in detention

HA DHidhdhoo Council - Ali Hashim

President of H. A. Dhidhdhoo Council, Ali Hashim, who was arrested for suspected falsification of official documents, has been remanded to five days in detention.

Hashim was arrested, and his residence raided under court order at approximately 3 am last Wednesday.

A media official at Maldives Police Service reported to “Sun” this Thursday that the H. A. Filladhoo Magistrate Court granted five-day remand for Hashim last Wednesday.

The warrant issued for Hashim’s arrest states that authorities suspect the documents send by H. A. Dhidhdhoo Council to Local Government Authority (LGA) in March include falsified documents and that Hashim’s involvement is suspected in the falsification of the documents.

The police requested his arrest, citing high risk he may tamper with evidence and coerce witnesses.

The warrant for Hashim’s arrest also states he is suspected of influencing the investigation into the case and obstruction of justice.

The police said he was arrested due to the threat he posed to peace and safety of the society due to the nature of allegations against him.

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