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Dengue outbreak in Hanimadhoo and Filadhoo under control

dengue: cleaning up

People pictured destroying mosquito breeding grounds to control an outbreak of dengue.

The dengue outbreak in Haa Alif atoll Filadhoo island and Haa Dhaal atoll Hanimadhoo island has been controlled and on the decline.

The Health Center in Filadhoo reported that in the last four days, no cases of dengue fever were detected.  The island had 18 cases of dengue, with most patients under the age of 10.

Hanimaadhoo Health Center stated that 21 patients had tested positive for the dengue virus in the island, but the number of reported cases are on the decline now.  No fatalities have been reported amidst the dengue outbreak.

Health Protection Agency (HPA)’s deputy director general Ibrahim Nishan stated that the spread of dengue was isolated to only Hanimadhoo and Filadhoo. He added that no other part of the country had reported the spread of dengue recently.

The months of January, May and June, which are marked by heavy rainfall, often lead to a rise of dengue cases in the country.

HPA is conducting a countrywide program to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds to prevent mosquito-borne diseases.

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