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After many illegal missteps such as tampering with the parliament, judiciary, the incumbent president has led the country in to chaos with declaration of State of emergency (not a valid one), taken hostage the supreme court judges imprisoned and tortured them to obtain incriminating confessions all with the help of a weak police and MNDF force who so far have not shown any courage to stand up to the dictatorship. Three professional contract killings happened which were directly beneficial to the president starting with the murder of MP. Afrasheem. Numerous islands and lagoons in the country have been leased to many investors, the proceeds of which were embezzled by the president and his cronies. Members of Parliament became so rich in less than 3 years that most of them own residences in Male and in foreign countries. The president maintained contact with gangs and had a policy of assisting them as youth, this despite Male’ being so tiny and our police and military can easily eliminate them if they were instructed to do. In a nutshell, we have a criminal gang in place of regular government and they are determined to press ahead with their self-interests by bribing, framing and even killing fellow countrymen.

But why did this happen?

Most police an MNDF personnel are ignorant of the law and the implications of being a participant in a coup. Very few (less than 10 up to date) refused the illegal orders and were quickly dismissed or relocated to remote places. The matter was quickly hushed up by higher ranks.

Most forces personnel are the breadwinners of the family and are not financially independent or have other streams of income; hence most hesitate to openly question superior orders or resign.

Beginning with episodes of harassing parliament members, police are desensitized to issues like that and are of the collective belief that some law structure will provide them immunity from prosecution.

Since there is no defection among the ranks, the collective thinking will be that no govt can afford to fire them all or prosecute them all.

Solution: How to do this.

Sending defenceless demoralized civilians to endless demonstrations have not produced good results in the past and will not be effective without good leadership. It would be more effective if forces personnel can be motivated to join the Democracy Struggle from within by refusing to work for the dictatorship. However they will need to be given public assurances as official declarations and in social media and in political rallies from each individual political party (MDP by President Nasheed, JP by Gasim Ibrahim, AP by Sheikh Imran, PPM by Maumoon this date too.

Any police or MNDF personnel who joins the Democracy Struggle (by refusing to work for the dictatorship) will be given a 2 level up immediate promotion after democracy is restored for showing courage and respect for rule of law.

Others such as civil service workers and govt employees who join the Democracy Struggle maybe given 1 step promotion similar to the forces.

Any employee civil or from the forces who joins the Democracy Struggle and refuse to work for the dictatorship till democracy is restored will be considered as in full paid leave with all benefits of the job.

After the restoration of democracy, an independent commission will be set up to verify and reimburse any personnel who were wrongfully purged or who incurred a financial loss by joining the struggle. Or this task can be given labour relations authority as an additional responsibility.

A joint party group of media personnel will be set up (possibly in India or Sri Lanka) to disseminate information about the progress of the democracy effort. This will involve paid campaigns in Facebook, Twitter, Viber and Instagram as these are the most frequented platforms for dhivehin. A proper social media company will be engaged to direct the media information to be effective. The social media effort will be focused on interacting with MNDF and police forces and their family and relatives, to inform of the gravity of the reality of working for dictatorship, and guiding them to join the Democracy Struggle.

Those who linger in govt job, MNDF or Police and actively contribute to the dictatorship will be dismissed and prosecuted.

Those who serve in the forces or in civil or govt service who remained neutral will be kept with the promotion freeze.

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