Definitely a sense of déjà vu for Liyah with the double treble


Mohamed Liyah definitely had a sense of déjà vu when the Club Maldives Cup 2018 unfolded its record book to write the plot of the 13th edition of the tournament.

Top Goal Scorer Award was almost certain for him at the halftime of the final, but surely no one should have expected the rest to happen the same way as it did after the last year’s final.

However, he went on winning the Best Player of the Tournament Award, the Best Five Players of the Tournament Award and the Top Scorer of the Tournament Award. Well, that did not end there; the hat-trick hero of the night was also awarded the Man of the Match Award of the final, who already had the same night on the 8th May of last year, where he won all four of those awards in the Club Maldives Cup 2017.

He must have certainly wakened up now after a night of comfortable sleep, to know that everything happened for real. It was surely a night to remember for the rest of his life.

Liyah scored a remarkable 16 goals in the competition this year, and celebrated 3 hat-tricks on-course. He scored in all the matches, except their second match of the group stage against MPL, which ended 0-0. Five goals is his maximum in a single match, which came in their opening match against Medianet.


Fair-play Player of the Tournament: Mohamed Fashir of Ooredoo

Most Promising Player of the Tournament: Naaif Shafeeq of Dhiraagu

Best Supporting Team of the Tournament: Club TCL

Fair-play Team of the Tournament: Club MTCC

Best Coach of the Tournament: Ahmed Irufan of Club TCL

Top Scorer of the Tournament: Mohamed Liyah of Club TCL (16 goals)

Best 5 Players of the Tournament: Mohamed Riffath of Club TCL, Mohamed Liyah of Club TCL, Ismail Fathih of Club TCL, Hussain Afsal of Maldivian and Abdulla Shaffan of Maldivian

Man of the Tournament: Mohamed Liyah of Club TCL

Runners-up Team: Maldivian

Champion Team: Club TCL

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Club Maldives

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