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Cyryx holds leadership training seminar in collaboration with Yellowshorts Consultancy

Cyryx College has hosted a training seminar titled “Global Leadership Trends and Frameworks for the Next Management Revolution” in collaboration with Malaysia’s Yellowshorts Consulting.

The one-day seminar was joined by many leaders from state institutions as well as private companies where they were briefed on programs held at the college including leadership, team building and public speaking and given instructions on dealing with work-related issues and challenges.

“Maldives is evolving into a new landscape. A lot of foreign investments are coming in and more have started to open up businesses and it is getting more competitive. Attending these sessions will give some contemporary and evolved frameworks for you to work with,” said Anil Adam, Dean at Cyryx College.

The session was conducted by Nicholas Chen from Yellowshorts Consulting, in whose words the program was mainly about global leadership trends that the government of Maldives needs to be aware of.

Emphasizing that Cyryx College has been an important partner with whom his company signed a Memorandum of Understanding to become business partners almost ten years ago, Chen stated that Yellowshorts Consultancy and Cyryx are working to organize talks for team building, leadership, asset management and business continuity among many others.

While the importance of training and development were included among the many topics covered throughout the seminar, speaking to RaajjeMV afterwards, Chen said that it is important for the Maldives to move beyond its “island mentality” and move into “bigger things” which is the reason global challenges of being able to work with different leaders were shared.

Highlighting that the Maldives has become a global player, Chen went on to point out that local telecommunication companies such as Ooredoo, Dhiraagu and many other companies have been recognized around the globe for their best practices for Human Resources and management.

At the conclusion of the seminar, participants were awarded certificates of participation.

Yellowshorts Consulting focuses on conducting training and learning programs that are educational, experimental and fun while making sure it meets the requirements of participants and clients. The company acknowledges the training needs of organizations based on their issues and their structure so as to design the most effective and efficient training programs for them.

The company has over 40 years of experience in many industries and comes with a team of expert trainers and consultants.


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