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Criminal Court annuls terror charge against MP Didi

Criminal Court has annulled the terrorism charge against Central Hithadhoo MP, Brigadier-General (Retired) Ibrahim Mohamed Didi for implication in the illegal detention of Judge Abdulla Mohamed.

Didi was the MNDF Male’ Area Commander when Judge Abdulla – who was the Chief Judge of Criminal Court – was detained in 2012.

The initial charge against Didi for implication in Judge Abdulla’s detention was withdrawn by Prosecutor General’s Office. But the PG’s Office charged Didi for a second time after revising the charge in May, 2017.

Criminal Court annulled the terror charge against Didi this Monday in reference to the precedence set by Supreme Court and High Court in similar cases as well as the Criminal Procedure Code.

The most prominent politician prosecuted in the detention of Judge Abdulla is former President Mohamed Nasheed – who was found guilty and sentenced to 13 years in prison. The Minister of Defense during Nasheed’s administration, Tholhath Ibrahim Kaleyfaanu was also found guilty and sentenced to prison.

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