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Covid-19: Maldives lifts three-hour curfew in capital

The three-hour curfew imposed in the capital city has been lifted.

Authorities declared a three-hour curfew from 05:00 pm to 08:00 pm effective from April 2nd.

On Wednesday, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) released a press statement announcing that the curfew imposed on the Greater Male’ region has been lifted.

The announcement further states that gathering of more than three people is still not allowed, at all hours.

The statement further reads that shops, markets, offices, banks and other places offering services to the public must adhere to and encourage physical/social distancing practices.

Police introduced an MVR 1,000 fine for curfew violations. While one week has passed since the curfew was declared, over 200 people violated curfew on Wednesday alone.

While the curfew imposed in the capital has been lifted, authorities are to make a decision on the extension of the 30-day state of a public health emergency -declared on March 12- on Wednesday.

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