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Court to resume, not restart Jumhoory Party leader case

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Jumhoory Party leader Qasim Ibrahim. PHOTO/MIHAARU

The Criminal Court on Tuesday decided to pick up Jumhoory Party leader Qasim Ibrahim’s trial from where it was previously left off.

The case indicting the lawmaker of Maamigili constituency of attempting to bribe lawmakers was thrown out of the court earlier over the prosecution’s failure to turn up at a hearing.

In the first hearing held Tuesday after the state resubmitted the case, Judge Adam Arif presiding over the case stated that the trial will continue from where it was left off instead of restarting the case.

MP Qasim turned up at the hearing without a lawyer. Upon the judge’s inquiry as to the lawyer’s whereabouts, MP Qasim requested a period of ten days to appoint a lawyer for the case.

However, Judge Adam Arif declined his request, pointing out that lawyers had come forward to the court regarding MP Qasim’s health conditions and that all of Qasim’s statements to media were presented by lawyers. Thus the judge stated that an additional opportunity to appoint a lawyer cannot be granted and ordered MP Qasim to attend his second hearing late Tuesday with his legal defence.

Judge Arif further warned that the trial will continue without a lawyer should Qasim attend the next hearing without his legal team.

The hearing was held Tuesday after MP Qasim was released from the hospital the day before. He was hospitalised due to his worsening health. However, the lawmaker is unable to travel abroad for treatment due to the travel ban imposed on him over his ongoing trial.

Full details are available from the link below:

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