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Court to check cases against two state officials over Ibthihaal murder

[Image: The iconic photograph of three-year-old Mohamed Ibthihaal, who was beaten to death by his mother after repeated abuse. PHOTO: ASAD PHOTOGRAPHY.]

The Criminal Court has decided to check whether the courts are authorised to look into the cases against two state officials who are charged with negligence for the murder of three-year old Mohamed Ibthihaal of Vaavu atoll Raakeedhoo island, who was beaten to death by his mother.

The two state officials are the former Executive Coordinator of Ministry of Gender and Family Mohamed Shakeeb and Director Mohamed Rasheed of the same ministry.

The question was raised during the hearing on Wednesday morning by the defendants, who stated that criminal investigations were not carried out against the two officials and that they had been deprived of their rights during the time of investigation.

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