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Court releases suspect in judge assassination plot

Ministry of Education's Senior Policy Executive Ibrahim Haneef. PHOTO:Facebook

The High Court on Tuesday released Ibrahim Haneef, who was arrested for allegedly orchestrating an assassination attempt on Judge Shujau Usman of the High Court, under certain conditions.

The decision was made in the verdict of his appeal held this Tuesday.

He was initially remanded on five counts before the court shifted him to house arrest on May 16.

In its verdict, the High Court noted that prosecutors had not followed the additional statement of Criminal Court’s last verdict which was issued on May 11. The additional statement stated that Haneef will be released if the interrogation is not completed and if a decision is not reached regarding the charges made against him during the given period.

Hence, the High Court stated that upon Haneef’s agreement to follow the conditions, and following the level and speed of his interrogation, Haneef is being released.

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