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Court overturns sentence against Colonel Nazim

Colonel-retired Nazim
The 11-year prison sentence passed against the former Defence Minister, Colonel-retired Mohamed Nazim, has been overturned by the Supreme Court. 

With the unanimous vote of the three judges presiding, the court ruled that the original verdict from the Criminal Court and that of the High Court supporting it are null and void. 

The ruling also said that there is no indication that the items bagged as evidence from Nazim’s apartment were shown to the people at the residence. 

It also stated that the fingerprint report does not incriminate the former Defence Minister and there is no scientific link to Nazim. 

As for the pen drive found at the residence, the Supreme Court said that there is no evidence that Nazim had a firearm in his position and there was not any such indication in his statement to the police. 

The court said that the fact that Adheeb’s fingerprint was on the alleged weapon that belongs to Nazim is a strong indication of Nazim’s innocence. 

The former Defence Minister, Nazim, was sentenced to 11 years in prison after a being convicted of import and possession of a firearm. 

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