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Court dismisses charge against minor involved in Nadheem’s murder

Juvenile Court has dismissed the charge against the underage suspect involved in the murder of Nadheem Abdul Raheem (Nadey), 19, in 2017.

19-year-old Nadey from H. A. Thakandhoo was stabbed as he sat inside a café in Male’ City on July 27, 2017.

An official from the Prosecutor General’s Office has confirmed to “Sun” that the Juvenile Court has dismissed the charge against the minor – who is accused of being an accomplice in the murder.

‘Sun’ has been informed the charge was dismissed by Judge Abdul Baaree Yoosuf.

Total four suspects – in addition to the minor – were charged for involvement in Nadheem’s murder. Maldives Police Service stated earlier that the agency has enough evidence and witnesses against all four suspects to ensure convictions.

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