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Court denies independent forensic investigation for Faris Maumoon

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The Criminal Court on Wednesday declined the request to carry out an independent forensic investigation into the bribery allegations against MP Faris Maumoon, after the prosecution raised objections.

Although the state had previously not taken a stand against the independent investigation, they had opposed the request in the court hearing held Wednesday. During a previous court hearing on the case, the state had said that there seemed to be no legal restrictions to such an investigation and that it could be done abroad.

Faris’ legal team had expressed hopes for fruitful results, declaring that their client was willing to bear all expenses. Judge Ali Adam, who is presiding over the case, had even granted Faris’ lawyers seven days to present details of the investigation to the court. He had warned that if they failed to do so, he would come to a decision based on the current reports presented by both sides to the court.

However, the prosecutors now claim that they cannot allow the independent investigation as it is not an opportunity that can be granted equally to all defendants. They also claimed that since the investigations cannot be carried out in the Maldives, doing it abroad would extend the trial exponentially.

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