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Court conditions on Qasim invalid over police perjury: lawyers

Qasim pictured after his trial on Sunday Morning PHOTO:Hussain Waheed/Mihaaru

Jumhoory Party leader Qasim Ibrahim’s legal team requested the Criminal Court to invalidate the strict conditions imposed on Qasim, claiming that Police had committed perjury in the last court hearing to extend the former’s remand.

In a statement released late Monday, Qasim Ibrahim’s legal team stated that their client had repeatedly questioned the Police during the hearing last Wednesday as to whether they had forwarded the latest allegations against him to the Prosecutor General’s Office to press charges. Police had denied doing so at the time.

However, according to a letter sent to the PG Office, Qasim’s lawyers declared that Police had sent the case to the PG seeking charges against Qasim last Tuesday. The PG office had sent back the case on Wednesday, the day of Qasim’s hearing.

The hearing had concluded with the Criminal Court imposing several strict conditions on Qasim prior to his release, which include cooperating with the investigation, obtaining permission from Police before travelling out of capital Male, halting meetings and gatherings with people that incite dispute, refraining from tampering with evidence and making any statements that could incite dispute, halting use of his properties (namely Jumhoory Party’s main hub) to hold gatherings and activities that incite dispute and allowing others from doing the same, and refraining from making any statements that evoke disquiet against the three powers and their leaders.

Qasim Ibrahim was last arrested under accusations of influencing lawmakers to win votes for a motion of no confidence being prepared against Parliament Speaker Abdulla Maseeh. However, the PG had returned the case to Police the same day of its submission, claiming that a lawsuit is not possible due to lack of sufficient evidence.

Hence, Qasim’s lawyers accuse the police of committing perjury by claiming not to have forwarded the case to the PG. Stating that their client is extremely concerned over the circumstances, the legal team went on to say that the Criminal Court’s conditions were placed on Qasim based on false statements made by the police. They added that Police had detained Qasim in a jail cell during their investigation out of political motives.

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