Coup Fears in Maldives Set Off Alarm in India, US

New Delhi (Sputnik) — The latest crisis in the troubled nation poses a tricky diplomatic situation for India. Earlier, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres expressed concern over the gradual erosion of basic democratic norms and principles in the country.

“The Secretary General urges the Government to refrain from all acts that results in the harassment of Members of Parliament, political parties, civil society and the media,” a statement issued by the UN spokesman said.

“Obviously, India, China and the US would be interested in developments in Maldives as political developments here are of interest to these countries,” Anand Kumar, an associate fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, told Sputnik. “Presently, the Yasmeen government is not hostile to India but is not friendly either. It has been seen that Yameen has ceded ground to Chinese interests.

“Both India and the US are concerned at these developments. Beside the presence of Yameen also meant that democracy has taken a back seat. Yameen has consistently worked against democracy and to achieve his objectives, he has taken help from Saudi Arabia and China. These things are concerned to India. Yameen government has been planning to give seaports to China. This is the reason a number of Chinese vehicles are coming in the Indian Ocean. Therefore it is imperative for India to keep a close eye on the developments in Maldives.”

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