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Condition of comatose Maldivian pilgrim remains unchanged

Islamic Ministry reports the condition of the comatose Maldivian hajj pilgrim remains unchanged.

Seema Moosa, 38, from F. Dharanboodhoo went into a coma after suffering a stroke while at a tent in the Saudi city of Mina on Monday, August 12.

A Maldives Hajj Corporation pilgrim, Seema is currently on life support at the Mina Al Wadi Hospital.

A spokesperson from Islamic Ministry who spoke to Sun reports her condition remains unchanged.

According to the spokesperson, all other Maldivian pilgrims are in good health, and the Maldivian hajj mission is keeping a close eye on their condition.

The first batch of pilgrims is scheduled to return to the Maldives on Sunday, August 18.

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