Club Maldives Cup Kicks-Off With a Vibrant Event


The Club Maldives Cup 2018 and 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta has begun with a colourful event last night.

The musical performance by Bidhabin with their great vocal artists, Shalabee Ibrahim and Rihan hypnotized the audience in the opening ceremony. The Maldivian Idol star Shaza Abdulla Rasheed, on the other hand, brought an electrifying moment with a great “Bodu Beru” performance.

The official kit of the match officials was revealed during the musical event, which was followed by the jersey revealing of all the teams competing in the tournament. As such, 32 teams playing in the Club Maldives Cup 2018 and 9 teams playing in 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta displayed their home and away kit to be used in the respective tournaments.

The championship badge was also presented to the Club Maldives Cup and 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta champions of 2017 by the Chief Guest of the opening ceremony.

This is the beginning of the 13th edition the Club Maldives Cup and 8th edition of the 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Club Maldives

Source URL: Club Maldives

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