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Classrooms empty as Maldives reopens schools

Morning assembly at Ghiyasuddin International School with the low turnout of students amidst the current swine flu epidemic in the Maldives. PHOTO/SOCIAL MEDIA

Despite the uncontrolled spread of swine flu throughout the Maldives, the government on Sunday reopened schools to a dismally low turnout of students.

The number of students that attended the morning sessions of schools was as low as less than 20 percent of student populations while some classrooms are completely empty.

According to unofficial information provided by teachers and senior officials of some schools on condition of anonymity, only 10 students of grade six and 12 of grade seven attended one school, while in another only 23 out of 150 grade six students and 30 out of 147 grade seven students turned up. School officials added that most classrooms have only a couple of students with maximum seven or eight students in classes with the highest turnout.

“There will be even fewer students in the afternoon session since it’s the one for younger children,” said a teacher. “We can’t teach at this point.”

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