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City Hotel in Uligan to be submitted for an open bid process

The Tourism Minister Ali Waheed has announced that the city hotel that was started by MTDC in H.A Uligan will be submitted for an open bid process after its investment value was appraised.

The Minister stated so in a news conference held today and also stated that the work carried out by MTDC in Uligan was appraised at different values by different people.

“We have to find out the value of the investment. We will go for an open bid without a specific date to finish the matter,”

“The bid papers will be prepared after the process of valuing is complete,” said the Minister.

MTDC first started to develop the city hotel in Uligan in 2007 and the agreement was terminated when MTDC could not continue with the project. Uligan is also included in the islands that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated will be leased for tourism purposes.

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