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City Council issues permits to resume construction work

Male City Council, on Friday, announced it would be granting permission for companies seeking to restart construction work.

The measure is part of the government’s move to gradually ease lockdown restrictions earlier imposed to contain the spread of COVID19 amid the city’s local outbreak.

According to the circular, as part of HPA-approved ease of measures, the Council has decided to issue permits to those seeking to continue work at construction sites.

Applications for the special permit must be obtained via the council’s website, through the dedicated ’Faseyha Magu’ portal.

Permit-seekers must also submit a copy of the application form, along with detailed information of the employees working at the site, along with copies of their work permits via email to [email protected]

The administration further stated that the employees listed for work must be registered at the Economic Ministry, in order for the company to be eligible for a permit.

As the Maldivian government looks to resume development work across the country under a ‘new normal’ post-lockdown, Maldives National Association of Construction Industry (MNACI) has also brought changes to the health and safety guidelines governing construction work.

Divided into three stages, these guidelines dictate a precautionary standard of procedure that must be followed before entering the site, within the sites and outside of the sites.

These include conducting body temperature checks every six hours, separate transport for people entering and exiting the sites, arranging separate accommodation for those working at different sites as well as the best practice protocol for disinfecting each construction site.

Full details are available at the link below:

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